Neonatal care

Our NICU is a womb outside mother’s womb. The NICU has 2 sides – Aseptic and Septic. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at GGAMCMH is one among the few units in Kanyakumari District. It is a 24 bedded NICU. ICU Bed – 18, Step-down Bed – 6, with 20 Radiant warmer, 8 Neonatal Ventilators (2 High Frequency Ventilators), bubble C-Pap machines, Airvo2, Optiflow, T.Piece Resuscitator, ABG machine, Transport Incubator, USG, ECHO machine and portable x-ray machine amongst other equipment.

The unit caters to the needs of babies as less as 24 weeks and weight as low as 560 grams. We provide Neonatal care of high caliber with well trained and efficient doctors and staff, who can handle all the situations.

We have done N number of Neonatal surgeries in the past with good outcomes. We have done surgeries like congenital diaphragmatic Hernia’s TEF Abdominal surgeries and other Neonatal surgeries.

We work as teams with comprises of paediatric surgeon Dr. Murugadhas, Neonatologist Dr. P. Jehinkumar, Developmental Paediatrician Dr. Mary Lalitha, Cardiologist Dr. Venkatesh, Neurologist Dr. Namrata, Developmental Nurse, Lactation Counselor around the clock coverage of paediatrician and house officers.

Our NICU is completely backed up with very good Rehabilitation centre to emphasize the need of Developmental supportive care, follow up care and full-fledged Rehabilitation care which comprises of Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy with regular follow up with our Developmental Paediatrician.

The goal of the unit has not only been survival but intact survival and optimal survival of the extreme preterm babies.

Which is only possible through practicing evidence based best practices like Kangaroo mother care, sepsis care bundles, ROP screening (done by Aravind Eye Hospital Ophthalmologists), Hearing screening, Neurosonogram, Regular developmental assessment done by Denver II scale and early Interventional programmes for high risk neonates. The ultimate aim and watchword of the unit is to provide the best neonatal care at highly reasonable and affordable cost.