The Founders and Her Vision

To ensure every child is blessed with "HAPPY & HEALTHY CHILDHOOD"

"Greatness can only happen on Earth when great people have good hearts to help the little ones, so that they too will someday pass greatness along to create goodness and success for the wellbeing of everyone on Earth".

How did all this come about? I'd like briefly to tell you how it all began and how it came to be.

You know the motto of my life and my husband Werner’s life: Life is Beautiful! (New motto)

We've had the great good fortune to make this motto a reality for ourselves and our family. But we know the world is full of so much suffering and misery, and we know that life is unfortunately not beautiful for far too many people. Werner and I regard happiness as an obligation and a responsibility. The construction and operation of the GGAMCCC here in South India is an expression of our gratitude for the lives of fulfillment and satisfaction that we've had the good fortune to be able to live.

This wasn't always the case: just the opposite, in fact. I am not, nor is my husband, a child of wealthy parents, so we had to struggle very hard for many long years to make ends meet. This no doubt heightened our awareness of the shortages and suffering that beset the world. We finally overcame our financial difficulties, but we never forgot the problems of others. Above all, we believed then and we still believe today that all human beings, rich and poor alike, share a tremendous responsibility for the greatest treasure of all: our children, the next generation, the future.

One thing was quite clear to me: if I should ever enjoy success with my art, I would want to create something from my own resources which would help the world's needy people. When my pictures began to find their collectors, I decided to use the entire income generated by those paintings for a good cause, a social project – and that's exactly what we've done here.

Father Hieronymus Cruz and Father Patrick Xavier are the directors of our Indian sponsoring company and the directors of the children's health centre. Other directors and sole shareholders are my husband Werner and my son Rene. In this way, we assure that the activities are in reliable hands.

We've also enjoyed support from the bishops of the diocese: first by Bishop Leon A. Tharmaraj, Who is unfortunately deceased now, and whom we fondly recall.

Bishop Leon first showed his support by making available for our project two of his best people: Father Patrick Xavier and Father Hieronymus Cruz. We're very happy and grateful that Bishop Peter Remigius generously continues to support us.

We'll care for needy children of all faiths, and it goes without saying that we'll provide them with medical help irregardless of their religious affiliations.

Our Child Care Centre is equipped with the most modern medical technology and upholds the highest hygienic standards.

It's equipped with 100 beds, three operating rooms, several examination and treatment rooms, an outpatient station and a dentist's practice.

All my life, I've always openly expressed whatever has moved me. So also at this moment, I will not remain silent about how the idea came to build the children's hospital.

As you all know Agasthiya is the patron of our Child Care Centre. He lived in this area 6,000 years ago. The wisdom and knowledge that he taught we also find in the principles of Christianity.

Six-thousand years ago, a message from Agasthiya was written on a palm leaf, where you can read that he assigned my dear friends Isolde Heller-Bayer and Dr. Jurgen Bayer to spread his pearls of wisdom.

It has been their mission to develop a scientific teaching and consulting method to disseminate Agasthiya's wisdom in his sense worldwide.

The ancient scripts tell us about our origin in all its complexity and about our spiritual growth – our most important aim.

As for me – I too received Agasthiya's message at the Palm Leaf Library several years ago. I was told two important things.

First, my destiny is to build a Child Care Centre in Agasthiya's home country, India.

Second, to create a place where the knowledge he handed down to my friends can be passed on. To explain this in simple words: the body can only regain complete health, if we provide a healthy mind.

Agasthiya tells us: first of all, we must cultivate a clear and clean mind without any negative thoughts.

Furthermore: We need knowledge and education to raise the consciousness which will lead us to perfect health.

It's my duty – and my delight – to comply with Agasthiya's request.

He is the patron of this project. His love and wisdom guide and guard us.

This institution is destined to become a source of strength for people of all cultures and all religions. It's my dream that everyone will live here peaceably together.

The meditation and prayer room refreshes us all, no matter what our faith or religion may be. It's a haven that transcends all creeds and dogmas. It shows us that we all come from the same source.

The park on our grounds – with its trees and plants, flowers and fountains – likewise plays an important role because nature encourages and supports healing processes. I'm very grateful to the industrious workers who helped to create this lovely landscaping.

I often work day and night: a small part of my oeuvre can be seen hanging here in the health centre, where these paintings, with their lights, shapes and colours, can stimulate the children's imagination. As we know, cheerfulness and happiness contribute importantly toward speedy healing.

My husband Werner is a construction specialist, and he was instrumental in designing our project. He is the jewel at my side. All of my beloved family members are likewise enthusiastic about this project. I know they're standing with me and supporting me.

So many friends and acquaintances have recognized the importance of this project and have travelled here to assist us. Many of them design their birthdays, business anniversaries or other occasions as charitable events to benefit the Gerdi Gutperle Foundation. My heartfelt thanks to all our donators and benefactors! This great project shows that something wonderful can indeed be achieved when people work with one another and for one another.

I thank of this project, I'm very pleased by it, and I hope that increasingly many people will fully appreciate the value of this project, will put their trust in it, and will donate smaller or larger sums to cover its ongoing operating expenses.

Every single penny that I receive in exchange for my artworks goes into my foundation. Nothing flows into outside channels. The construction expenses have already been covered through sales of my numerous paintings. All costs incurred through travel, lodging, etc. are generously defrayed by my husband. For this too, I owe him a debt of gratitude.