Our Goal

To make quality integrated health care accessible & affordable for the wholistic health of all needy children irrespective of caste & creed.

Since the Child Care Centre is located in a rural area (Sahayanagar village panchayat in Thovalai Taluk of Kanyakumari District), we intend to make our health services accessible to people by providing free transport from the main road (i.e. N.H. 47B passing through Vellamadam).

We also provide ambulance services. We provide food for all patients and their attendants at a minimum charge. For the poorest of the poor we provide free food. We also provide accommodation and mess facilities for close relatives of patients who come from long distances.

Our wish is to make quality medical care affordable to poor children. We provide fully free medical care and surgical interventions to the poorest of the poor, such as the tribals, gypsies, other similar social groups, orphans, abandoned children etc. Children of parents whose monthly earnings are not higher than Rs. 2500/- are also included in this “fully free” category.

Children of parents whose monthly earnings are less than Rs.8000/- receive huge concessions (about 40%). Children of parents whose monthly earnings are between Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 15000/- receive considerable concessions (about 20%).

Children of parents whose monthly earnings are more than Rs. 15000/- are expected to pay full charges. The German Foundation of Ms. Gerdi Gutperle and her husband Werner Gutperle which has helped us to put up this Child Care Centre (buildings in 90,000 square feet, medical and surgical equipments) has assured us of continued support for the concessions and free treatments.