Our Motto

Our motto is: service with courtesy and honesty.

All the employees of the GGAMCMH understand that they are here primarily to serve. Their induction into the GGAMCMC is seen by them as a call to service. Of course they are provided with a decent remuneration. The employees also share in the joy of being able to make quality medical care affordable to poor children. We aim to provide service with courtesy. We wish to give the feeling of being wanted and respected to every patient who enters our campus.

They should feel happy and their visit to our Child Care Centre should be seen by them as really fruitful. We wish to provide medical care with utmost honesty. In an age when allegations of unfair medical practices are not too infrequent, we wish to make a difference. People who come with their children to our GGAMCCC can be sure that they will receive all the medical attention and surgical processes they require and only those which they really require. Awareness of the helplessness of the patients in this area makes us all the more conscientious in providing health service in all honesty.