Our Patron - Agasthiyar Muni

Agasthiyar who is reputed to be the Father of Indian medicine is the patron of our Centre. Ms Gerdi who is the founder of this centre was very much inspired by the writings of Agasthiyar and became devotee of Agasthiyar. She was very keen in naming this hospital after the great Agasthiyar.

Words of Gerdi "I received Agasthiya’s message at the Palm Leaf Library several years ago. I was told two important things. First, my destiny is to build a Child Care Centre in Agasthiya’s home country, India. Second, to create a place where the knowledge he handed down to my friends can be passed on. To explain this in simple words: the body can only regain complete health, if we provide a healthy mind.

Agasthiya tells us: first of all, we must cultivate a clear and clean mind without any negative thoughts. Furthermore: We need knowledge and education to raise the consciousness which will lead us to perfect health. It’s my duty – and my delight – to comply with Agasthiya’s request. He is the patron of this project. His love and wisdom guide and guard us. This institution is destined to become a source of strength for people of all cultures and all religions. It’s my dream that everyone will live here peaceably together."